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These Light Language and Sacred Geometry Energy Grids work with the energy surrounding them by shifting the frequency into different vibrations.

Each Grid has been activated to a specific frequency that gently permeates the energy around them.

Each Grid is labelled behind, A6 in size and matt laminated.


The Breath & Body Relaxation

2 x Meditations


The Breath (Approx. 6 mins) 

This guided meditation brings quickly back to your body by simply focusing on your breath. Allowing the breath to soothe and calm the parasympathetic nervous system for a deeper connection with self.

This meditation can be done anytime to bring a gentle stillness into the body.

Body Relaxation (Approx. 10 mins) 

This guided meditation allows you to relax each and every part of your body working from the top of the head all the way through to the soles off your feet. This is a great way to unwind physically while gently guiding your focus to different sensations in the body.

This is a great entry level meditation or for a reset for the mind, body and heart.


The White Room & Your Chakras

2 x Meditations


The White Room(Approx. 10 mins) 

The White Room assists you in decluttering all of the day’s stress and concerns. You will find and create the space to breathe deeply and most importantly exhale and just let go of all your concerns, to-do lists and stress. In the white room you find your balance.

This is a great meditation to do when feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

The Garden & Your Chakras (Approx. 16min) 

The Garden and your Chakras takes you to the next level for a deeper meditation. You will find yourself re energised both mentally and physically while discovering the meaning of each chakra. In this meditation we create a space just for you to rejuvenate.

This meditation is great for getting a bounce in your step.

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