Welcome to the World of Reiki

So you would like to step into the magic of Reiki and learn the secret art of healing! Once attuned by a Reiki Master you’ll have this healing touch at your finger tips any time, any place. All you need to do is focus your intention and this energy starts flowing straight from your hands to anywhere you place them. You will receive 4 attunements for your Reiki I Training and once attuned you will always have access to this healing energy that you can use for yourself, family and friends, animals, plants, food and your water. How you choose to use your Reiki energy is limitless!

Reiki 1 Training will give you a deeper understanding with:

  • how to cleanse away stress
  • encourage clarity
  • promote regular sleeping patterns 
  • create space in your mind
  • stimulate your immune system 
  • speed recovery with physical injuries
  • boost your energy levels
  • work with your own energy

Reiki Attunements involve:

  • expanding your Heart, Throat and Crown chakras
  • creating a deeper connection with yourself
  • increasing your own ability to heal
  • clears stagnant energy
  • increasing your life force


Reiki I is not a Practitioner level however it does allow you to share this healing art with family and friends and most importantly yourself. If you’re wanting to move into Practitioner Level, Reiki II allows you to step into this world and is also a 1 Day Training.

Please note that the 4 Reiki attunements create a clearing within your own energy to allow for a deeper and clearer connection with yourself. These clearings may be felt on a mental, emotional and/or physical aspect, it’s similar to a detox.


  • Reiki I Training is a half day workshop with 1.5hr home study prior to workshop
  • 2 students are all that’s required to create a Reiki day
  • Training days are usually conducted in Rose Bay, Sydney

Please email on to confirm a date that suits you.

$325.00 or bring a friend and it’s $300.00 each

*Reiki Master/Teacher since 1997

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