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Feeling stuck and frozen in anxiety is most people’s nightmare and I can’t tell you how many people accept this as the norm and their lot in life. Feelings of being trapped and constantly trying to find a way out but always repeating the same patterns is heartbreaking and we lose so much confidence in ourselves that we can become a shell of ourself, this is now way to live life now or long term. You will lose faith in yourself and joy will start to slip away from you – LIFE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. 

You can choose a different way, a better way that brings you so much more opportunity to ENJOY BEING YOU and LIVING YOUR LIFE, so call me for an Intro Chat  and let’s change your world from the inside out! 


Each program is tailored specifically to your needs and desires. Working a through step-by-step method resulting in new understandings and insights into how you operate right now in your life. Recognising your patterns that hold you back and realising that they’re simply habits that we can shift ourselves out of.

The focus of these sessions is to get a clear understanding of each of these parts.

                                                                           The Foundations

Our mind is so powerful and creates all these rules for us to live by. The conscious mind is all about control and ego whilst the unconscious mind stores every one of our experiences in life. Here is where are beliefs are formed from a very young age and we start to uncover what beliefs are working and which ones are sabotaging for you.


The emotional body! it doesn’t matter whether you wear your heart on your sleeve or not, what matters is understanding how you process and work through emotions. Everyone is different and we’ve all learnt different ways to decipher our emotions. Here is where we learn new skills and tools to in how we work with our emotions and feelings. We learn how to support our emotional experiences instead of being overwhelmed by them


Our physical body holds so many sensations of our memories and experiences. It stores the good sensations and those we love! It also stores the intense sensations – these are what are called triggers and once activated (and the initial event hasn’t been addressed) can switch straight into anxiety. If this process is repeated over and over and over – here is where it can slip into depression and trauma. We want to remove the trigger so you don’t activate the memory in this way.


This is our aura, our energetic field or electro-magnetic field. It’s our energy in and around our physical body. We are always gauging energy around us whether we do this consciously or unconsciously depends on our level of awareness. We can sense when someone is in a good or bad mood, if they’re friendly or standoffish, if they’re interested or not. All of this information is taken in subtly and from this we form an opinion of another. If you’re sensitive to energy and emotions, you may be an empath. Empaths are always reading other people’s energy and emotions and for some, they will take all the heavy and intense energies and assume it’s their own feelings. I teach you simple methods for a daily practice on how to manage and maintain your own energy field so it’s vibrant and most importantly clean and grounded.

Instead of detaching/blocking stressful past experiences, we clear these triggers so you stop carrying them. Just because you’ve blocked them doesn’t mean they’re not there, it just means you’ve stuffed them way down inside you and when it decides to knock on your door, it triggers you all over again.

We build a deeper support of the 4 part foundations above and linking them to your goals and heart’s desires creates a very powerful alignment that allows you to move at faster and more focused pace.

If you’re ready for change NOW,
contact Simonne for a 30min call

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate in Power Hypnosis
  • Certificate in The Richards Trauma Process – TRTP Hypnosis
  • Certificate in Hypnofit Training
  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Diploma in NLP
  • Certificate IV in Kinesiology BKP
  • Reiki Master • Shamanism
  • Energy Alchemy
  • Meditation
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