Red Dragon Activation


It’s the Year of the Dragon and the energy is strong, if you feel a connection with Dragon energy or even your own personal connection to your Dragon tribe, then this is for you.
Join me as we activate our Dragon lineage with Light Language!

Join me for my monthly Soul Sessions Membership – where each month you get a deeper understanding of who you are whilst clearing & healing old patterns & mindsets at your own pace.


You’ve just landed in a space where you can deeply exhale.
Let’s just take a moment and B R E A T H…

Hi, I’m Simonne Lee a Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Energy Alchemist. I’m a mentor to women and men who want to live a life by their own design.

Struggling in life is definitely not fun but at times a rite of passage in experiencing how to come out the other side. A challenge in life is simply a life a lesson and we keep repeating the life lesson until we grow through it. Understanding the lesson ease the intensity what you’re going through. Recognising the pattern is the first step in changing your reaction.

Manifesting and shifting lives globally is my passion and whether you choose to work with me in my Soul Group Sessions (mini masterclasses), online courses, programs or my exclusive 1:1 mentoring, I’m here to show you how to manifest & shift the reality of the life you’ve been aching for!

Soul Sessions




Energy in Motion

Where are you right now?
Where do you WANT to be?

Soul Sessions - Online Membership

Sometimes you just want to step into a beautiful and sacred space that’s held just for you. You’re ready to do some deep self-work in the comfort of your home, in your own time & at your own pace. All whilst reflecting, pausing & gaining insight into who you are.

Then I invite you to join my Soul Sessions 2 x 60min videos each month.

TTT - Online - Inner Child Healing

This ‘Trigger & Trauma Therapy' - TTT ™' process is a specific type of therapy mainly utilising Hypnotherapy & Inner Child Healing to step in and instantly start addressing: PTSD, Trauma, Triggers, High Anxiety, Stress

1:1 Programs

Each program is tailored specifically to your needs and desires. Working a through step-by-step method resulting in new understandings and insights into how you operate right now in your life. Recognising your patterns that hold you back and realising that they’re simply habits that we can shift ourselves out of.


Over the last 5 years I have worked with Simonne across a variety of areas from work stress and relationship issues to a total burnout and emotional trauma from which I suffered from acute depression and ptsd.
By doing the life changing (Life Saving!) Trigger Point Therapy I went from the depths of a rabbit hole back to “life.” Combined with her unique combination of coaching, energy work, and healing, I was able to uncover root causes, release my grip and eliminate fears. I was able to reconnect to my true spiritual self, reprogram my mind, regain confidence, find my voice, and redirect my energy to a whole new career. At the same time, defining my values and setting boundaries allowed me to find self love, and in doing this I strengthened familial relationships and found a way to open my heart to a new relationship too.
Whilst I was provided with no-fuss tools and I had to flex my muscle with “homework”, Simonne has kind of a “fierce grace,” and her commitment to my recovery really encouraged me to become an agent of change for myself.

Lulu Cooper – Holistic Coach
#1:1 Program

Working online with Simonne is amazing. Online is great because no matter where I am I can attend the sessions.
The sessions enable me to feel supported on my healing journey and that I am not alone. I learn techniques to remind me that I have everything I need within myself. I learn to look at myself and situations in a different perspective.
I am able to work through challenges I am experiencing easier both personally and professionally. This helps me feel supported in my work that I need to do with my clients. I feel the sessions are a great way to give back to myself and are an act of self-love. I learn techniques I wasn’t aware of that enable me to manage being an empath.
The hypno meditations are very effective in keeping my vibration in a good place. I find using them effective in achieving results for myself. I feel supported and am able to maintain doing my inner child work. They help me cope better with healing and learning a lot about myself on a deeper level.
I always feel calm, balanced,and surrounded by a sense of peace after the sessions. They help me stay motivated and continue on the path of healing.
Soul Sessions are a wonderful way to support and guide you on your healing journey. They give me a sense of belonging and a deeper level of self love and appreciation for myself.

Kelly Mercieca – Professional Animal Communicator
#Soul Sessions

Simonne’s Soul Sessions have played a most essential part on my journey to self healing. Simonne’s ability to connect each session is phenomenal. The use of light language is so soothing.
In each Soul Session Simonne skillfully explains the focus, intention and outcome. The real benefit comes from the flow of each session and brings an inner peace to mind, soul and body. After each session I feel like my mind is cleansed and I am one more step closer to to complete self healing.

Alexandra Summer – Professional Animal Communicator
#Soul Sessions

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