Hello and Welcome to my World!

I’m Simonne Lee and am a Life Coach/Strategist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Energy Alchemist & Founder at ‘the Simonne Lee Method’ (I also do a few more things but that’s another story). 

I love the diversity of what I do and making that deep and much wanted change in people’s lives. Sometimes it’s really pretty and other times well, I do have to kick some butt however, once in the flow of new habits and patterns, the difference is absolutely life changing.

Whether it's to

  • de-cluttering your world
  • gaining clarity and direction
  • the art of healing yourself
  • • feeling control of who you are
  • stepping out of the chaos life
  • dealing with PTSD, Trauma or Anxiety

It’s all about that inner connection with self. Seriously, it’s all about you and YOU, discovering who you are today!

To start working with me, we will focus on the foundations first. Getting them right sets you up to build and create anything you desire in life. I teach you the tools and skills to be able to always find your back to the most important thing in life – YOURSELF. My methods are pragmatic and always a step by step process allowing you to easily implement into your lifestyle. And when we find a bit of resistance, you’ve stepped into my specialty.

And my specialty is PTSD, Trauma and Anxiety!

Uncovering the story that doesn’t support who you are anymore, that actually holds you back from life. Whether it’s fear, sabotage patterns or past experiences that trigger a complete stop – here is where I find the source of these issues and address them. It’s this internal conflict that creates so much confusion and such a big waste of time. It’s all about your own thoughts, feelings and sensations working together.

Without this powerful connection with yourself, I’m going to say it like it is, you’re living on auto-pilot. And let me tell you, it’s a very empty and lonely place to exist, I know this from my own experience. So, if you want change, are ready to step out of your comfort zone (and want to feel like you’re not on your own), DM – I’m here and ready to work with you and your desires.

Want to know more about me?

I use to love being told ‘no you can’t do that’, ‘that’s not going to work’ and proving others wrong, but I don’t need that as a kick up the bottom to motivate me anymore! 

  • Have over 18 years experience as Coach / Strategist (2003) and have created my own programs for people to connect deeper within themselves and reach their goals. 
  • With the added bonus of studying Kinesiology (2005) and Reiki Master/Teacher (1997) 
  • Then Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP (2011) added into the mix and I’ve been able to really fine tune and get into the nitty gritty of what’s holding you back and address it head on. 
  • Written articles for different publications on Life Strategies around the world. 
  • Founder at ‘the Simonne Lee Method’ training programs for Animal Communication with Family and Friends AND Professional Animal Communication Diploma Training. These programs are Globally Accredited with IEHA. 
  • I speak at different events for Life Strategies giving some ‘hot tips’ that you can do straight away.

I love what I do and am so passionate about my own self-discovery that allows me to live and breathe my authentic self. It is a continual life-long practice.

I’ve been asked many a time what does Life Strategies and Animal Communication have in common as it seems an oxymoron (love this word) and YES there is common foundation between the. To be able to move forward in any format in life, it’s vital to have a connection with self, creating that deeper understanding and sense of self. Coaching is pretty self-explanatory, with Animal Communication whether learning or just needing to know what’s going on with your pet, all comes back to you.

Our animals represent what’s going on in our world, our moods and energy states. So, when working with animals, we’re working with what’s going on with you (it’s sneaky I know!). Getting YOU to understand you, is key here. And let’s not forget that animals are natural healers too!

I work with people who are high achievers, want better relationships, are wanting to step away from anxiety, depression, PTSD or just want to work on themselves for a deeper meaning in life.

My methods are pragmatic with an increase of self-awareness and energy (emotion intelligence) states. The results people have achieved are truly life changing and that’s biggest kick I get out of it – assisting people to see their own greatness and sense of joy in lives again.

Now you know what drives my passion, I also like to have my own down time and love to hang with boys, Nero my cat and Pi my snake – well I am an Animal Communicator!

I also love my Kundalini yoga and when I paint, I tend to step into another world losing all sense of time. I also have a side hustle (call me crazy but I love doing projects even in my down time) called Aranya Light and that’s more on the spiritual side working with different energies, frequencies and a bit of stardust magic!

Now you know a bit about me, I would love to get to know you!

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