Welcome to the World of Reiki

So you’re now ready to share this healing art at a Professional Level. Ready to expand your ability and skills with Reiki, to be able to hold the space and energy, to assist and guide others at a deeper and more profound level.

Reiki II allows you to strengthen and layer your ability to work with this energy. There are three sacred symbols that will be taught specifically for emotional and mental healing as well as earning how to do a distant healing plus create healing programs for all.

Reiki 2 Training will give you a deeper understanding with:

  • Your own challenges and block emotionally and mentally
  • The Three Sacred Symbols
  • Deeper awareness of energy
  • Your psychic abilities
  • Healing events (past, present and future)
  • Distant Healing
  • Healing Programs

Reiki Attunements involve:

  • Expanding your Heart, Throat and Crown chakras
  • Focuses on amplifying your ability to access and work with this energy
  • Expanding your intuition

There is one attunement in Reiki II and at the completion you will receive your Practitioner Level Reiki II Certificate allowing you to join two associations of your choice International Energetic Healing Association or Australian Reiki Connection – I am a  registered Teacher/Trainer with both of these.

Again, there is a period of settling with this expanded access to Reiki energy on all levels.


  • Reiki I Training is a half day workshop with 1.5hr home study prior to workshop
  • 2 students are all that’s required to create a Reiki day
  • Training days are usually conducted in Rose Bay, Sydney

Please email on to confirm a date that suits you.

$375.00 or bring a friend and it’s $350.00 each

*Reiki Master/Teacher since 1997

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