Soul Sessions - Online

You know sometimes you just want to step into a beautiful and sacred space that’s held just for you. You’re to do some deep self-work in the comfort of your home, in your own time whilst reflecting and pausing.

Then I invite you to join me each month for my 2 x 60min Soul Sessions.

TTT - Trigger & Trauma Therapy - Online

‘Trigger & Trauma Therapy’ uses a specific type of process utilising Time Line Hypnotherapy to step in and instantly start addressing:

PTSD, Trauma, Depression, High Anxiety, Stress

1:1 Program

Each program is tailored specifically to your needs and desires. Working a through step-by-step method resulting in new understandings and insights into how you operate right now in your life. Recognising your patterns that hold you back and realising that they’re simply habits that we can shift ourselves out of.

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