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Over the last 5 years I have worked with Simonne across a variety of areas from work stress and relationship issues to a total burnout and emotional trauma from which I suffered from acute depression and ptsd. By doing the life changing (Life Saving!) Trigger Point Therapy I went from the depths of a rabbit hole back to “life.” Combined with her unique combination of coaching, energy work, and healing, I was able to uncover root causes, release my grip and eliminate fears. I was able to reconnect to my true spiritual self, reprogram my mind, regain confidence, find my voice, and redirect my energy to a whole new career. At the same time, defining my values and setting boundaries allowed me to find self love, and in doing this I strengthened familial relationships and found a way to open my heart to a new relationship too. Whilst I was provided with no-fuss tools and I had to flex my muscle with “homework”, Simonne has kind of a “fierce grace,” and her commitment to my recovery really encouraged me to become an agent of change for myself.
Lulu Cooper – Holistic Coach 

#1:1 Program


Where do I even begin to describe this incredibly intelligent, multi-dimensional, wisdomous woman that is Simonne.
It was fate meeting Simonne, I was in my early 20s when I was having a very difficult time in a romantic relationship at the time where I felt out of my depth with how to honour my value/needs whilst trying to understand and navigate a time of hardship that heavily affected my ability to create a deeply loving intimate connection with safe expression and trust with myself on a deeper level around men. It was an incredibly tough few years of my life as at that age. When I look back, I see this time in my life was a huge catalyst for immense change, awakening and transformation yet to come.
During this time, one day, I was intuitively called toward a CD on a shelf in a store, I was so drawn to it, my intuition wouldn’t let me leave the shop without buying it. It was a meditation CD of Simonne’s, well over 10 years ago now. I listened to those meditations over and over and one day I thought to myself, ‘who is this woman, I need to meet her’. My intuition whispered to me ‘she can help you’. So, I followed my intuition and reached out not even realising at the time what an incredible journey I was about to embark on. At this time, I had no idea that creating my internal foundation of safety, security, and unity within myself would dramatically change my entire world and every experience I encounter. Through the powerful tools, direction, and healing from Simonne, I have grown significantly to be able to support myself in romantic relationships, supporting new pathways in growth with my family dynamics and friendships too. Realising even from the events that happened from birth onwards, needed great support and re-alignment to create harmony in every area of my life. Simonne guided me to gain the strength and resilience to fully take charge of my life, my actions, and the best part of all – create my inner loving foundation, my forever home for myself.

Not only do I work with Simonne with Coaching for my own personal development to enhance the quality of my experiences in life, but she also is my Business Coach and has supported me through career changes and rebuilding new business structures to create success and freedom in my life. As I am lifestyle driven, Simonne helped me to create the perfect work/life balance whilst still receiving financial flow and success.

Simonne is a life mentor for me, it’s been over 10 years on, and she is still my go-to power pathway. Every layer I uncover with her, I embrace with open arms and excitement and when it is a tough/fearful situation or challenge to overcome, Simonne is right there to provide the empowerment, perspective, and foresight I need to create change and movement for the better from a place of my grounded self-security and self-awareness and honouring what is best for me.
The layers of myself I have uncovered with Simonne have allowed me to feel truly self-fulfilled daily, this feeling within myself can never be taken away by a person, job, place, or circumstance ever. This feeling fuels my existence, my adventure of life, who I connect with and how I create my own pleasure in my daily world and she has also supported me to transform how I approach romantic relationships and how I express from my heart and create situations in alignment to my value and what I want to explore and experience- it is the trust I have gained within myself that holds everything when I connect to others, not the other way around. I see the immense changes within myself, and it fills me with so much gratitude knowing that I am not living life from a space of lack, rather pure fullness.

Over the years I always practice and embody what Simonne has guided me with, and I face everything head on even if it is scary and even if the outcome is unknown as I know now how my behaviour and choices create a ripple effect of change or new experiences to enrich my life, because if I don’t – who will?

This is why I trust Simonne’s work, because even though sometimes it is hard to face where we get stuck, every single bit of advice and guidance she has given me, has opened up new ideas, perspective shifts and different portals of solution- every step I take to trust the unknown and follow through with my own self responsibility to step up for myself, breakthroughs are always waiting on the other side, a new layer of self, a new embodiment, a fresh pair of eyes, and again – it’s a whole new world to enjoy every cycle and shift. Life gets richer again.

Working with Simonne means – Life changing results. I cannot even thank her enough for where I am today as words don’t even do it justice, as I honestly don’t think I would be here, in this level of emotional maturity and embodiment of my free-spirited nature. I am in AWE of the woman I am today that continues to grow through my life’s cycles, I have such deep love for myself thanks to Simonne and I am endlessly grateful for her from the depths of my heart and soul.

#1:1 Program + #Soul Sessions
Daniela Schmutz – Psychic Development Readings + Elixirs

Working online with Simonne is amazing. Online is great because no matter where I am I can attend the sessions.
The sessions enable me to feel supported on my healing journey and that I am not alone. I learn techniques to remind me that I have everything I need within myself. I learn to look at myself and situations in a different perspective.

I am able to work through challenges I am experiencing easier both personally and professionally. This helps me feel supported in my work that I need to do with my clients. I feel the sessions are a great way to give back to myself and are an act of self-love. I learn techniques I wasn’t aware of that enable me to manage being an empath.

The hypno meditations are very effective in keeping my vibration in a good place. I find using them effective in achieving results for myself. I feel supported and am able to maintain doing my inner child work. They help me cope better with healing and learning a lot about myself on a deeper level.

I always feel calm, balanced,and surrounded by a sense of peace after the sessions. They help me stay motivated and continue on the path of healing.

Soul Sessions are a wonderful way to support and guide you on your healing journey. They give me a sense of belonging and a deeper level of self love and appreciation for myself.

Kelly Mercieca – Professional Animal Communicator

#Soul Sessions

Before I found Simonne I was in a terrible space, having just come through an awful breakup, living on the other side of the world from my home (Australia), separated from family and friends and unsure about my job. Simonne was recommended to me by a friend and the last six months of work with her has completely changed my mindset. Not only was Simonne able to help me through an incredibly difficult time in my life but she was able to help shift my focus on myself, finding out what is important to me, and guiding me to find confidence and happiness within myself. I was able to move past a traumatic break up, find success in a new job, understand what type of partner I need and deserve to attract in my life and manage my day to day anxieties with help from her guided meditations and breathing exercises. As I am based overseas and Simonne was always so accommodating to the time difference, she also continually was available to me anytime and checked in on me unpromptedly during the whole process and always brought such positive energy to every session – she seemed genuinely excited to speak to me and see my self growth over time. Before Simonne I was feeling the lowest emotionally I have ever felt, and while at the time I really didn’t think anything or anyone would help but I had a friend who insisted I just have an initial conversation with her – and I am just so happy I did, I cannot thank her enough for the support, knowledge and guidance she has given me and how she has set me up for personal success and happiness.
Samantha Auciello – LA
#1:1 Program

Simonne’s Soul Sessions have played most essential part on my journey to self healing. Simonne’s ability to connect each session is phenomenal. The use of light language is so soothing.

In each Soul Session Simonne skillfully explains the focus, intention and outcome. The real benefit comes from the flow of each session and brings an inner peace to mind, soul and body. After each session I feel like my mind is cleansed and I am one more step closer to to complete self healing.

#Soul Sessions
Alexandra Summer – Professional Animal Communicator 

Simonne, I can’t thank you enough for guiding me through the most important, often challenging, times of my life. The energy work helped me feel confident and happy, and your words of wisdom taught me how to listen and connect. We have developed a great relationship and I can’t thank you enough!

Dmitry – With Warmest Energy Hug
#1:1program #SoulSessions 

I have been working with Simonne for over 14 years and I am deeply grateful for the incredible guidance, compassion, healing and wisdom that she has shown me over this time.

My journey began in my early twenties seeking advice on career and love.Through modalities of Reiki, EFT (tapping) and meditation, Simonne opened my eyes to a spiritual world where energy is the currency. We explored the powers of manifestation, letting go, trust and the ability to sit comfortably in the divine feminine energy of flow.

In 2018,I faced a critical health challenge and Simonne was my grounding force and support throughout. She was able to guide me in navigating the depths of the unknown, the darkness and the roller coaster of emotions, stress and anxiety that went along with the diagnosis. It was a critical pivot point in my life and through Simonne’s methods of TimelineTherapy, NLP and hypnotherapy I embarked on a healing journey to release my trauma, emotions, fears and reconnected with my true self.

I look forward to every session I have with Simonne and feel like a weight has been taken from my heart and mind each time I see her.

Simonne comes from a place of deep from passion and integrity. Her work is on point and she has the ability to take her clients on the “deep dive” to truly expand their sense of self. I would recommend Simonne to anyone looking for an intuitive, compassionate coach and one that gets the results.

Emily Cooper-Given 
Creative Director & Mum 

                                                                           The Foundations

Our mind is so powerful and creates all these rules for us to live by. The conscious mind is all about control and ego whilst the unconscious mind stores every one of our experiences in life. Here is where are beliefs are formed from a very young age and we start to uncover what beliefs are working and which ones are sabotaging for you.


The emotional body! it doesn’t matter whether you wear your heart on your sleeve or not, what matters is understanding how you process and work through emotions. Everyone is different and we’ve all learnt different ways to decipher our emotions. Here is where we learn new skills and tools to in how we work with our emotions and feelings. We learn how to support our emotional experiences instead of being overwhelmed by them


Our physical body holds so many sensations of our memories and experiences. It stores the good sensations and those we love! It also stores the intense sensations – these are what are called triggers and once activated (and the initial event hasn’t been addressed) can switch straight into anxiety. If this process is repeated over and over and over – here is where it can slip into depression and trauma. We want to remove the trigger so you don’t activate the memory in this way.


This is our aura, our energetic field or electro-magnetic field. It’s our energy in and around our physical body. We are always gauging energy around us whether we do this consciously or unconsciously depends on our level of awareness. We can sense when someone is in a good or bad mood, if they’re friendly or standoffish, if they’re interested or not. All of this information is taken in subtly and from this we form an opinion of another. If you’re sensitive to energy and emotions, you may be an empath. Empaths are always reading other people’s energy and emotions and for some, they will take all the heavy and intense energies and assume it’s their own feelings. I teach you simple methods for a daily practice on how to manage and maintain your own energy field so it’s vibrant and most importantly clean and grounded.

Instead of detaching/blocking stressful past experiences, we clear these triggers so you stop carrying them. Just because you’ve blocked them doesn’t mean they’re not there, it just means you’ve stuffed them way down inside you and when it decides to knock on your door, it triggers you all over again.

We build a deeper support of the 4 part foundations above and linking them to your goals and heart’s desires creates a very powerful alignment that allows you to move at faster and more focused pace.

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  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate in Power Hypnosis
  • Certificate in The Richards Trauma Process – TRTP Hypnosis
  • Certificate in Hypnofit Training
  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Diploma in NLP
  • Certificate IV in Kinesiology BKP
  • Reiki Master • Shamanism
  • Energy Alchemy
  • Meditation