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By stepping into this sacred space each month, you have the opportunity for deep a clearing and healing. Each month there is a specific topic to work through your specific limiting beliefs, blocks, karma and trauma; into creating a soft, grounded deep sense of safety within. And with this safety you create an opening, a space for you to call in your heart’s desires. Call in what supports you in who you are today and where you’re moving towards.

Let me share with you a little something… having that deep sense of safety as an internal foundation is everything! It changes how you see the world and see yourself. How you experience life, your relationships, your hopes, your good and hard times. Just imagine being able to change the colours of your memories, your impressions of life from such a young age… Change how you remember experiencing some memories for the better. Simply by shifting our perspective, we shift our experience and memories.


Every month we have a different topic that we cover every 2nd & 4th Wednesday @ 2-3pm Sydney Australia time that we work through allowing for: 

  • Understanding / Conscious Expansion
    Getting a deeper and juicier meaning of each topic and how it relates to what’s happening in your internal world. You’ll be access insight and information from your soul’s vibration to help you, as the human grow and expand exponentially

  • Clearing
    Having 2 Soul Sessions allows you to go deeper in your clearing for the month. In the 2nd session, this let’s you clear those stubborn leftover sticky cords

  • Healing
    With the added support of 2 healings a month, you receive an added layer of safety and trust to support your healing process so that you can shift

  • Strengthening
    Change is happening no matter what! The 1st session anchors these changes, and the 2nd session strengthens and is icing on the cake for all the work you’ve been doing 

  • Shifting
    This is when you’re right in the process of change with an ‘A HA’ moment or two! For me, this is when the magic is happening right before our very eyes! Having 2 sessions within the month creates bigger opportunities for this magical process

  • New Habits / Patterns
    Then just like that, new habits begin. The seedlings have been planted from all of the steps above to create a whole new way to experience being you!

What’s included

Each month there are 2 x Soul Sessions – every 2nd & 4th Wednesday @ 2-3pm

Approximately 60 minutes each session, covering the specific topic of that month. There will be exercises to complete prior to your 2nd session

Recorded on Zoom

They are recorded in case you can’t make the time and so you can use over and over again for an even deeper level of clearing or; you can use in a different area of your life. Remember when doing these sessions again, make sure you complete both sessions

Monthly Membership

$97 / month

Yearly Membership

$997 / annually

Drop in Session

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate in Power Hypnosis
  • Certificate in The Richards Trauma Process – TRTP Hypnosis
  • Certificate in Hypnofit Training
  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Diploma in NLP
  • Certificate IV in Kinesiology BKP
  • Reiki Master • Shamanism
  • Energy Alchemy
  • Meditation
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