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June 20, 2021

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  • July 30, 2021 - August 1, 2021
    9:30 am - 4:00 pm


1/2 Day or 3 Day Immersion

What is the shadow self?

The Shadow Self is a term coined by Carl Jung and refers to the darker, less evolved side of the human psyche. It comprises all of our inner demons, doubts and insecurities that we keep hidden from the world. Most people live their lives being unaware of this side of themselves, but when your Shadow Self starts to step into your conscious mind it can be very scary. Your Shadow Self might have been a bully in school or simply someone who you would never be able to please.

It’s the parts of our self that gets triggered easily. The part that can freeze in an instant and create such high anxiety when you least expect it.

It the parts of our self that have had to deal with extreme stress, intensity or trauma. It’s these parts when triggered, make you physically RELIVE that old stressful experience like it’s the very first time. 

It’s the parts of our self that are still in pain way back there at the time of the first event. It’s the parts that we’ve cut off and detached from so we don’t have to deal with it at all. 

What we resist in life will always persist until we’re ready and have the courage to face it. 

What is a trigger?

A trigger is something that sets off a memory of a past experience. It can be something as simple as a word or an image that evokes an old memory. 

A trigger is just that part of our self that we’ve cut off from being and is frozen in pain. When we or another presses on that pain it’s like whatever happened in the past is crying out in panic and pain; wanting, fighting to feel safe and secure again. 

During this process of trigger being activated, high anxiety is experienced for periods at a time. The more triggers experienced, the higher your alertness to danger is amplified – hence high anxiety can become the norm.

A trigger represents the part of our self, that’s shout out to be healed.

I like to refer to a trigger as the Soul knocking on our front door asking to be allowed to come back home and welcomed. 

The Shadow Self are these parts that we’ve abandoned and shut down and wanting, waiting to be invited back home where all parts of us can shine. 

How to heal the shadow self?

It’s important to understand that healing the Shadow Self is not an overnight procedure. It’s a process. By understanding that the Shadow Self is a part of us, it makes it easier to accept and embrace it. 

The first step in healing your Shadow Self is to become aware of when a trigger happens and name that particular trigger or emotion as “triggered”.

Working with the Shadow Self allows all parts to come home giving us that sense of security, completeness and feeling whole.


Why the Shadow Self is different to the conscious self?

The Shadow Self doesn’t have to be scary as long as we know it’s not real and we can actually relax into this part of us. Creating awareness and acceptance of your Shadow Self allows you communicate with it and listen to what it has to say.



In this ½ day event, will look at parts of our Shadow Self and gently connect with them. I will share with you some tools on how to manage your Shadow Self and there will be a group Hypnosis | Healing on the day.


1/2 DAY – Dip your Toe in

Transforming the Shadow Self

26th June 9.30am – 12.15pm

Fees $97.00

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3 Day Immersion – Dive in Deep

Transforming the Shadow Self

30th July – 1st August

Early Bird Fees  $1500.00  *payment by 19th June ’21

Fees $1750.00 *after 20th June ’21

*When you join after attending the ½ Day Event, $97 will be subtracted from your normal pricing and you pay $1653.00. Payment Plan offered!

During the 1/2 Day 

Discovering what your trigger patterns are and acknowledge them whilst experiencing them. Learn simple methods of how to allow yourself to move through a trigger and stay grounded.

We will focus on:

• What parts of yourself are you hiding in the shadows

• Why you are being triggered

• How to step back from being triggered

• How to work with your shadows

• Hypno-Meditation on the day

During the 3 Day Immersion 

Going deeper into Shadow Self and clearing some of our triggers. I will share a deeper understanding of what these triggers represent and why running away from them creates more anxiety and feelings of being trapped.

You’ll receive Recordings, a specific programmed Elixir (from Aiyana.store) and a Workbook for the 3 Day Immersion.

We will focus on:

• What you want to shift away from

The shadows

• What you want to move towards

The sunshine

• Rewiring the mind from sabotage patterns and habits

The unconscious mind

• How to witness yourself through a trigger

How to step back and hold the space for yourself

• Timeline Therapy

Past and Future paced

• Breath-work

To clear your energy and vibration

• Energy Clearing

For those stubborn patterns

• Light Language

To anchor your new desires and beliefs into your frequency

• There will be Hypno-Meditations sprinkled throughout the 3 days

Join me and step into the truth of who you are and start creating a world that you want to live in. 

Here is where the magic happens and all you have to do is step up and back yourself. 


Modalities used in Session:

Light Language, Energy Alchemy, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Meditation

Simonne Lee’s expertise is teaching you how to re-invent, create and embody the life that you desire. Learning these simple skills in mastering your own emotional clarity to claim back your time and your energy.

Simonne is a Reiki Master and Energy Alchemist, Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. With the addition of Light Language added to her toolbox and her pragmatic approach, Simonne has been creating deeper and faster shifts with patterns and habits that are anchored for life changing results.




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